Группа: Down from the Wound
Альбом: Agony Through Rituals of Self Purification
Год: 2007
Жанр: brutal death metal
Страна: Филиппины

1. Treachery
2. Infant Soaked in Baptismal Mutilation
3. Agony Through Rituals of Self Purification
4. Mockery of the Truth
5. Dismantled by Greed
6. Propagation of Divine Apostasy
7. Cerebral Injection of Sickening Depravity
8. Piercing Through the Veil of Lies
9. Infected Upon the Stench of a Perverse Faith
10. Rise From Oppression

Не стоит стоять на пути у этих филиппинских молодчиков… Ибо чревато!XD

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